Children and Contact Lenses: Are They Safe?

by Oct 3, 2019

We know that contact lenses are a safe and effective way of correcting vision without having to rely on glasses.  We have also discussed about how the newest materials for contact lenses promote healthier eyes and reduce the risk of complications.  With this in mind, many people wonder: can my child wear contact lenses? The answer to that question is: it depends! There is no definitive age limit on allowing children to wear contact lenses, but there are certain things to consider before making the switch.  Here are some of the factors to think about when talking to your children and your optometrist about contact lenses for teens and kids. 

children and contact lenses


Responsibility Plays a Role

Contact lenses are medical devices and require a certain degree of responsibility.  Even the lower maintenance options, such as daily disposable lenses, require the wearer to be diligent about their contact lens routine.  Children and teens who are interested in wearing contact lenses must be able to follow instructions regarding cleaning, storage, and regular replacement of contact lenses.  They need to remember to wash their hands before handling their lenses, and make sure their contact lens cases are clean. Some children are naturally more diligent than others and can easily handle such tasks, while others may struggle with these added responsibilities.  A parent needs to take this into consideration before a switch to contact lenses are made. 


The Benefits for Teens and Children and Contact Lenses

Many children and teenagers do not want to wear their glasses all the time for cosmetic reasons.  For these kids and teens, contact lenses may allow them to feel more comfortable and confident. Additionally, childhood is an active time in which many kids choose to play sports.  Many children find that the ability to use contact lenses instead of sports goggles is more comfortable and convenient. Kids don’t have to worry about contact lenses breaking, fogging up, or falling off during sports.  


Contact Lenses Comfort, Safety, and Cost

It is safe for kids and teenagers to wear contact lenses, as long as they can properly care for them and maintain contact lens hygiene.  It may take children a little bit longer to learn how to safely insert and remove lenses, though most are able to do it successfully with a little bit of practice.  Contact lenses are usually a comfortable and safe corrective option for kids, just as they are for adults.  

The cost of contact lenses can vary greatly depending on brand and replacement schedule.  In many cases, the cost of an annual supply of contact lenses is comparable to the cost of a pair of glasses.  The wide variety of lens options available today means that an affordable option exists for nearly every child. 


How to Choose a Contact Lens for Children

Choosing a contact lens to try can be challenging for children and parents alike.  In some cases, daily disposable lenses are a great option because they are convenient and require less cleaning and storage maintenance.  Other children may prefer extended wear or monthly replacement lenses for the ease of handling. Ultimately, an optometrist will be able to recommend a lens that meets both vision and lifestyle needs so the parent and child or teen are both happy.  


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