Myopia Management

Stopping Myopia in its Tracks

Myopia is a very frequent disease of sight in which distant vision is affected. Myopia can occur suddenly or gradually, symptoms usually get worse during childhood and adolescence. It has been determined that myopia has a very important hereditary component, that is, if you have a direct relative (father, mother, brother) who suffers from myopia, you are more likely to develop this disease.

What is myopia?

Myopia (aka nearsightedness or short sightedness) is a condition in which the light entering the eye focuses too quickly. This results in blurred vision when looking at objects further away than arms length. 

What causes myopia?

There is no single cause of myopia, instead it is caused by a variety of factors including genetics (myopia is more common in children of myopic parents) and environment (myopia is more common in children who spend more time indoors).

Why does myopia matter?

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How can the progression of myopia be slowed down? 

One way to slow the progression of myopia is through the use of special contact lenses.  We specialize in they types of lenses including ortho-keratology contact lenses and MiSight lenses.


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