Safety Glasses Can Protect Your Eyes During Sports

by Aug 16, 2022

Many eye injuries are related to sports and other recreational activities. To prevent eye injuries, it is important to take certain precautions to protect the eyes in these sports.


Contact Sports

In direct contact sports such as basketball, football, soccer, rugby, and lacrosse, the biggest risk of eye injury comes from a collision with another player or equipment.

In these contact sports, eye protection can be in the form of a face mask on a helmet or as protective sports goggles.

Both a face shield and sports goggles will create a solid barrier to prevent direct injury to the eye in the event of a collision.


High Speed Sports

In high-speed sports, such as baseball, tennis, and racquetball the biggest risk for an eye injury comes from a projectile hitting the eye.

In these sports, eye protection is even more vital as the risk for an eye injury is higher than in other sports.

Many of these sports will require either a protective helmet (baseball or softball) or protective goggles (racquetball).


Eye Injuries from Sports

Common eye injuries in sports include a corneal abrasion, an orbital fracture, and a hyphema.

More severe eye injuries can include a retinal detachment or traumatic inflammation to the eye.

Depending on the sport and your overall risk, the amount of eye protection may vary.


Protection beyond Safety Glasses and Shields

While protective sports goggles or face shields are the best option for protecting the eyes from a sports related injury, there are additional steps to take which can reduce risks and minimize other injuries.

These preventative steps include only playing while having your best vision including glasses or contacts if needed, being mindful of what is put in or around the eyes, and always abiding by standards set by the regulatory board of the sport.


Glasses or Contacts During Sports

Some people are hesitant to wear glasses while playing sports as they fear the glasses will get broken. However, if the glasses are necessary for appropriate clear vision, it can pose a much greater risk to play without them.

If playing a sport in glasses, make sure the glasses are made from polycarbonate material and are adjusted to fit properly.

Many times, protective sports goggles can be made with a prescription powered lens to alleviate the need to wear glasses while playing sports.

Contacts are a great option for those wishing to play sports without glasses. A particular benefit of contact lenses is that the vision is clear in all areas including the periphery.


Caution with Putting Things in Your Eyes

When playing sports, there are sometimes situations in which something can come in contact with the eyes.

Anything that comes in contact with the eyes should be sanitize and sterile, therefore things such as tap water, saliva, and skin ointment should never come into contact with the eyes.

If a contact lens comes out during a sport, it should be cleaned with contact lens solution and placed back in the eye only after the cleaning.


Following Regulations for Safety

The regulatory board for each sport has set forth certain requirements and guidelines to ensure the safety of players and participants.

It is important to abide by these guidelines to reduce the risk of all injuries, including eye injuries.


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