What are the Benefits of Daily Contact Lenses?

by Jul 18, 2023

Daily lenses are a type of contact lens that is designed to only be worn for a single day and then discarded. Each day a new contact lens is opened, worn, and subsequently discarded at the end of the day. These contact lenses are often recommended by optometrists due to the multiple benefits that daily disposable contact lenses offer compared to monthly or two-week replacement lenses. Comfort with daily disposable contact lenses is much better than alternatives – especially with allergies and dryness. Additionally, it is much easier to keep up with the appropriate wear time and schedule with daily lenses that are only worn once. The health benefits of switching to daily lenses from longer-wear lenses are numerous but the reduced risk of infection is among the most important. For these and many more reasons, many doctors will recommend daily disposable contact lenses to even first-time contact lens wearers.


What are theDifferences Between Dailies and Other Lenses?

While all soft contact lenses are designed to be worn throughout the day and removed each night, the terms daily contacts, dailies, or daily disposable lenses are used to describe specific contact lenses which are only worn for a single day.

These types of lenses come in large boxes with as many as 90 lenses in a box. Each lens is sealed in a blister pack which contains the lens and a small amount of solution.

Once opened and placed in the eye, the pack and solution may be discarded, then at the end of the day, the lens is removed and discarded as well.

On the other hand, monthly or two-week contact lenses must be worn throughout the day, cleaned after being removed, and stored overnight with a solution in a case.


Better Comfort with Daily Lenses

The biggest benefit of daily lenses for most people is the increased comfort that the lenses provide. These lenses are able to be worn by individuals with dry eye, eye allergies, and other eye conditions which make longer wear contact lenses less preferred.

Since the daily lenses are only worn for a single day, the lenses are thinner and allow more tears to access the eyes. The lenses also do not accumulate debris or allergens which could begin to irritate the eyes.


Better Compliance with Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

A big benefit of daily lenses is that these lenses are easy to wear correctly. Knowing exactly when to replace a monthly or two-week lens can be difficult and makes it easy to overwear the lenses.

In addition to overwearing the lenses, the longer wear lenses are more frequently slept in due to having to clean and store the lenses.

Daily lenses are easy to keep track of as the lens is discarded after a single wear. It also can allow better nighttime compliance by allowing the patient to remove the lenses immediately before bedtime and not have any additional care to complete.


Better Eye Health with Daily Lenses

The biggest benefit of daily lenses overall is the increase in eye health with the lenses. These contacts are less likely to result in dry eye, allergic reactions, and eye infections than the monthly or two-week options.

These health benefits along with the other benefits often make daily contact lenses a no-brainer when choosing what type of contact lens to wear.


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