Eye Exams

Regular Eye Exams are Key to Good Vision

Regular eye exams are vital to maintaining your healthy vision. Your eyes will change over time, so it’s important to stay on top of the gradual variation in your visual acuity before serious complications result. How often you should get a comprehensive vision exam varies based on your age and overall health. Seeing an optometrist can establish a baseline for your vision that can be used to recommend the frequency of examinations going forward.

Some Conditions Need More Attention

There are times when a person’s vision is more delicate or prone to damage, which may often make it vital to get more frequent checkups.

  • Diabetes Type I requires testing yearly because early detection of retina damage can aid your endocrinologist and primary care physician in the management of your systemic disease.
  • Diabetes Type II diagnoses necessitate immediate exams followed by yearly follow-up tests.
  • Newborns should have their vision checked at every regular health visit. Once they are in first grade, testing should be repeated yearly throughout school age years.
  • Those who have high blood pressure, who have jobs that tax their eyes or who take medicines that affect vision will likely need more frequent vision inspections.
  • Adults over 40 years of age should be checked yearly to catch the early symptoms of macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataracts.

Your Ally in Eye Health

When you make Dr. Neal your eye doctor, you gain a partner in your vision care journey who will help you determine everything from the proper preventive care schedules, treatment options and eyewear recommendations. He will explain everything in plain language so that you can participate actively in your own care.


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