The Benefits of Daily Contact Lenses 

by Nov 12, 2019

Daily contact lenses are soft contacts that are worn for one day then disposed of.  The single-use lenses are a popular option among contact lens wearers because they are comfortable and convenient.  They are also highly recommended by optometrists because of the many health benefits they provide. Continue reading to learn more about what makes daily disposable contact lenses an appealing option for patients and doctors alike.

daily contact lenses

How Do Daily Contact Lenses Work? 

Daily disposable contact lenses are single-use lenses; this means that each morning, a fresh pair of lenses is inserted, worn for an entire day, and then thrown away at the end of the day.  The next day, the process is repeated with a fresh pair of lenses. Daily disposable lenses are different from daily wear lenses. Daily wear lenses are monthly or two week lenses that are worn for the day, taken out before bedtime, then cleaned and stored before reinserting the same pair of lenses in the morning.  Unlike monthly or bi-weekly contact lenses, daily disposable lenses do not require nightly storage or cleaning.  


What Are the Health Benefits of Daily Contact Lenses?

Because a fresh pair of lenses is inserted each morning, daily disposable contact lenses are less likely to cause infections, irritation, or other contact lens related problems.  There is no chance for proteins, lipids, or bacteria to slowly accumulate over time. Additionally, since there is no cleaning required of daily disposable contact lenses, there is no risk of poor hygiene contributing to bacterial build up on the contact lens.  Furthermore, the risk of contamination of the contact lens case is non-existent. 

Beyond being beneficial for ocular health, all these aspects of daily disposable lenses can help reduce contact lens related dryness.  For those who suffer from dry eye disease, symptoms like irritation and grittiness can be exacerbated by contact lens wear, especially if the lenses have irritants like proteins or lipids on them.  Many people who have experienced dryness in the past notice a relief of their symptoms from switching to daily disposable contact lenses. Plus, daily disposable lenses are made of a unique material that helps them efficiently retain water and transmit oxygen, making them a comfortable option for all contact lens wearers. 


Convenience is Key

Daily disposable lenses are a quick, efficient option.  By eliminating the need for cleaning and storing the lenses, this single-use option makes dealing with contact lenses a quicker part of your day.  They are extremely easy for travel, as there is no need to bring contact lens solution along with you.  


Are There Any Drawbacks?

There is a common misconception that daily disposable lenses are unaffordable.  While some of the premium specialty daily disposable contact lenses run at a higher price, the majority of daily lenses are reasonably priced.  If you buy a year supply of lenses by using your insurance benefits and cashing in on rebate offers from the lens manufacturers, then daily disposable lenses can be just as affordable as glasses or monthly contact lenses.  Plus, there is no need to buy contact lens solution or cases when you use daily disposable lenses.  

If you are interested in trying daily disposable lenses for yourself, talk to your eye doctor.  They will be happy to further discuss the benefits of these lenses.  


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