Why Should I Buy Glasses From My Optometrist?

by May 4, 2022

Why Should I Buy Glasses from my Optometrist?

Today a patient has more options than ever to purchase a new pair of glasses. Many patients wonder if they should buy glasses from their optometrist if they sell glasses in an optical. This is certainly a fair question!

Types of Optometrist Offices

An optometrist is a doctor that has graduated and been licensed to practice optometry in the state in which they are located.

There are many different types of offices that an optometrist may work in, and each may have a different option regarding buying glasses.

Most optometrists are in practice for themselves or are employed by another optometrist. These offices are usually smaller, independent offices which have a distinct “small business” vibe to the office.

Optometrists in this type of practice will usually have an optical shop within the office to purchase glasses directly from the optometrist.

Some optometrists are employed by a larger corporation and will practice within a retail chain or at a franchised office. These offices will have similar branding from office to office and may appear more like a franchised business.

These offices often separate the optical shop from the optometrist, and you may have to go into a separate area of the office to reach the optical and buy glasses.

A few optometrists also practice alongside ophthalmologists in medical clinics. These offices will be more like a surgical facility, and most do not have an optical shop in the office.

Benefits of Buying Glasses from your Eye Doctor

When your eye doctor prescribes glasses, there are many additional components to the prescription that are not included in the written numbers on the prescription.

The lens material, any lens coatings, and fitting design of the glasses are variable, but your eye doctor will recommend a particular product or style based on the best fit for your vision.

Like many medications, there are differences between brands of lenses for the glasses. However, these are not like substituting a generic medication for the brand name but more like switching to a similar – but different – medication.

In many cases, an optometrist office is locally owned and operated by the owner doctor. This doctor is directly benefitted from your business when you buy your glasses at the office. This also means that the doctor has the ability to control any remakes or other issues.

Benefits of Buying Glasses from Your Optometrist is EASY

In many ways, buying glasses at your optometrist’s office is simply the easiest way to ensure that you have great vision, the correct prescription, and a reliable way to have problems solved.

If you purchase glasses elsewhere and the prescription is incorrect or the lens type used is incorrect, you may be stuck with glasses that do not work well for you.

By purchasing from your eye doctor, you keep all of your eye health and glasses records in the same location and are given exactly what was prescribed.

Additionally, if your glasses need to be adjusted or repaired, your optometrist’s office can repair or adjust your glasses with little hassle and usually without any appointment.


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