School is Back in Session: Here’s Why Your Child Should Have an Eye Exam

by Sep 5, 2018

Summer is winding down and kids are back in school.  With all the activities surrounding the start of the new school year, don’t let your children’s annual eye exam fall down the list of priorities. Here are just a few reasons child should have an eye exam.

child should have an eye exam


Vision and Learning Go Hand-in-Hand

Most of children’s learning is done visually.  Problems with visual perception, focusing, following, and binocular abilities can be misdiagnosed as learning disabilities.  When children have deficits in these parts of their visual system, it makes learning and reading very difficult, and completing homework and reading requirements may be too uncomfortable to manage.  During a comprehensive eye exam, these sorts of problems in the visual system can be detected and eventually treated. Eliminate potential obstacles to your child’s education by ensuring their eyes are working at their fullest potential.


They Might Not Tell You There’s a Problem

You want to trust that your child is able to tell you when something is wrong.  In the case of problems with the eye, they might not know that a problem exists.  Too often children needlessly carry on without the visual correction they need because they are unaware that glasses could help.  Don’t rely on your child to tell you that they need glasses; let your family optometrist help.


Screenings Aren’t Comprehensive

Lots of school systems provide complementary vision screenings, in which a school nurse or an outside provider checks a few aspects of vision such as distance vision, color vision, and visual alignment.  While school screenings can be helpful in finding some problems, they are not always completely accurate and they don’t provide a solution to the problems they may identify. They only way to ensure your child’s complete ocular health is being fully assessed is through a comprehensive eye exam.


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