Contact Lenses: Fact vs. Fiction

by Jun 12, 2018

Contact lenses have gained incredible popularity in the past decade, but many false conceptions still surround these visual devices.  


contact lens

Myth: Contact lenses are uncomfortable.

Fact: Most patients who are properly fit in contact lenses don’t even feel the lenses on their eye.  Some earlier models of contact lenses were made of tougher, older materials which were less comfortable of the eye’s surface; however, as lens designs and materials have progressed, patients have noticed a drastic improvement in comfort!


Myth: My prescription is too strong for contact lenses.

Fact: The vast majority of eyeglass prescriptions, from minimal to extreme, can be corrected with contact lenses.  There are even lenses designed for patients with high amounts of astigmatism. Some people notice a drastic improvement in vision through contact lenses when they no longer rely on the optics of thick spectacle lenses.


Myth: Contact lenses are unhealthy for my eye.

Fact: Developments in contact lenses and ocular health have been a major focus of the eye care industry, and as a result, contact lenses are safer than ever.  Daily disposable contact lenses have helped to eliminate many causes of secondary problems or infections associated with contact lens wear.


Myth: The contact lens might get stuck behind my eye.

Fact: While this is a common fear, it is anatomically impossible.  Rarely, a contact lens can get folded beneath an eyelid, but the tissue lining the eye socket makes it impossible for the lens to travel far from the cornea and get lost behind the eye.


Myth: I’m too old for contact lenses.

Fact: Many brands of contact lenses now come in a multifocal design for an older population.  These specialty lenses are the equivalent of bifocals and can work to correct both distance and near vision.  If you think you’ve waited too long and have missed your opportunity to experience clear vision without glasses, think again!


As you can see, many myths remain surrounding contact lens wear, but these devices help thousands of people live a glasses-free life every day.  If you are still concerned or have doubts about contact lenses and your vision, ask your optometrist at Neal Eye Group which contact is the best for you. 


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