Are Scleral Lenses Right for You?

by Jan 26, 2018

What are Scleral Lenses?

The newest technology and research in contact lens wear and development has focused on scleral contact lenses, which are gas-permeable lenses that are large enough to cover the entire cornea and rest comfortably on the white portion of the eye.  Because of their increased diameter, scleral lenses are typically considered more stable and more comfortable than conventional gas-permeable lenses.  These specialty lenses have gained attention and popularity over the recent years due to their ability to provide visual correction for patients who previously experienced difficulty wearing contact lenses.

scleral lens


Who Should Try Scleral Lenses?

Scleral lenses have proven to be a viable option for correcting the vision of patients with eyes with irregular front surfaces; this includes conditions such as keratoconus, high amounts of astigmatism, ocular trauma, corneal transplants and many others.  In addition to helping those with irregular corneas, scleral lenses provide comfort to patients with dry eyes who have difficulty wearing conventional contact lenses.  The space between the back surface of the lens and the front of the eye acts as a constant source of moisture and nourishment, allowing dry eyes to comfortably experience long-term wear.


Can “Normal” People Wear Scleral Lenses?

Of course! While scleral lenses have gained popularity as an option for difficult-to-fit eyes, they are not exclusively used in these cases; the general population can consider scleral contact lenses as well.  Many people who have switched to scleral lenses have claimed they provide improved comfort, sharper vision, and increased convenience.  


Just like all contact lenses, applying, removing, and wearing scleral lenses may require a short adaptation period.  Because the lenses are custom-designed and ordered for each individual, the fitting process may also require some patience.  However, these minor factors should not deter qualified patients from experiencing the potential visual and comfort benefits that can be had from switching to scleral lenses.


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