Treatment For Urgent Eye Conditions

by Apr 24, 2023

When needing a routine or comprehensive eye examination, most people know that an optometrist is the best provider to seek, but did you know that optometrists can also diagnose and treat urgent eye conditions? Whenever a new eye problem arises – whether it is a red eye, eye pain, or sudden blurred vision – an optometrist can examine you to identify and treat any conditions.

When these types of issues occur, an appointment can be made based on the urgency of the problem. Many doctors are able to see new problems on the same day or the next day to quickly treat these conditions. While there are some eye conditions that warrant a trip to the emergency room, most can be treated initially in a clinic and then any referrals that are needed can be made.


What is an Urgent Eye Condition?

Any problem with the eyes that can quickly progress, worsen, or develop other complications is considered an urgent condition.

These types of conditions will often come on rapidly and cause significant symptoms very soon after beginning.

Treatment for an urgent eye condition should begin as quickly as possible to ensure the best possible outcome.


Examples of Urgent Eye Conditions

Common examples of urgent eye conditions include a newly red eye, eye pain or discomfort, and blurry vision.

Causes of these conditions are often infections, injuries, or other acute problems such as a lack of blood flow.

It is also possible that there is an underlying problem that has simply manifested recently or only been noticed recently.

Conditions such as pink eye, a scratch on the eye, and retinal vein occlusions are all included in the category of urgent eye conditions.


When an Optometrist Can Help

An optometrist can be the primary eye care provider and provide first-line care for nearly all types of eye problems.

Minor problems can be treated with medications, eye drops, or bandages while larger issues may require stitches, an eye wash, or removing a foreign body from the eye.

If there is additional care needed – such as surgery, injections, or systemic treatment – an optometrist can make the appropriate referral to either an ophthalmologist or your primary care doctor.

Most of the time, an optometrist can see patients quickly after seeking an appointment for these types of conditions.

Since these conditions are all time sensitive and progressive, the sooner care is provided the better the prognosis is likely to be.

Even when a condition requires additional care, an optometrist can begin some treatments or educate about the condition and future care.


How to Schedule an Appointment for an Eye Problem

When needing an appointment for a problem, call the clinic and describe the problem when asked.

This ensures that the scheduler knows that the visit is not for a routine eye examination, rather it is focused on addressing a specific concern.

When discussing the problem, answer all the questions to the best of your ability so that the appointment is made in the correct timeframe.

While most eye problems can wait a few hours or even a day, there are some which require treatment immediately and may need to be seen as soon as possible or seen in the emergency department.


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