5 Things To Know About No-Line Bifocal Glasses

by May 23, 2023

Bifocal glasses that have been around for centuries are now being upgraded to keep pace with modern technology. No-line bifocal glasses are a more advanced version of the classic bifocals and have become more popular in recent years. This blog will explain what no-line bifocals are, who needs them, what sets them apart from regular bifocals, why someone would need them, and how to get them.


What are Bifocal Glasses?

Bifocal glasses are glasses that have lenses with two different powers to correct vision at two different distances. The top part of the lens provides a clear vision for distance, while the bottom part of the lens provides a clear vision for near work.

Bifocals are traditionally associated with aging and elderly people due to presbyopia, which affects vision up close, usually beginning in the early to mid-forties.


What are No-Line Bifocals (Progressives)?

No line bifocals, also called progressives, are a special type of lens that gradually changes power through the lens to provide clear vision from distance to intermediate to near range.

While line bifocals provide clear vision for distance and near only, progressive lenses also provide clear vision in the intermediate zone, which is about two to four feet, the most used area for computer work or sitting at a desk.

One of the main advantages of no-line bifocals is that they have no visible line across the lens, making them more attractive than traditional bifocals.


Who Needs No-Line Bifocals?

Anyone who needs reading glasses, bifocals, or progressive lenses could benefit from no-line bifocals. Since intermediate vision is a busy area, traditional bifocals may not cater to the visual clarity required for an individual’s work or daily routine.

While the need for bifocals primarily arises from presbyopia, other medical conditions may also require them.

Anyone needing reading glasses for multiple distances – such as a computer and phone or book – is a great candidate for no-line bifocals.


How Do You Get No Line Bifocals?

The first step to acquiring no-line bifocals is to get a prescription from your eye doctor. Once you have the prescription, the progressive lenses need to be customized to provide clear vision in each region of the lens.

Scheduling an appointment with your optometrist to discuss no-line bifocals is an excellent start as many optometrists have an optical in the clinic where no-line bifocal glasses are measured, fit, and sold.


Summary of Progressive Lenses

No-line bifocal glasses are an enhanced version of bifocals that provide clear vision from distance to intermediate zones and near work. They cater to the most used area for work and computer work, and they are more aesthetically pleasing than traditional bifocals.

Anyone who needs reading glasses or bifocals could benefit from no-line bifocals. While presbyopia is the primary cause of bifocal wear that arises around the age of forty, other medical conditions may also lead to the need for bifocals. Getting a prescription from an eye doctor and customization is vital for maximizing the benefits of no-line bifocal lenses.


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